Sunday, May 11, 2003 ↓


Ah, computers. Isn’t it funny how things that were working perfectly well can get inexplicably screwed up? Jennifer at Confetti Falling let me know there was a problem with the notify list sign-up form for my Blogger templates. I’ve no idea how long it had been out of commission, so if anyone tried to use it and gave up, it’s now back in working order again.

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Registry of Design

A quick Hi! to anyone finding their way here from the Registry of Design — a catalogue of web page templates by a number of independent designers — where webmaster Becky has listed a Blogger template of mine, Bloghaus. I know it’s a rather lonely offering at the moment, but it will be joined by other free templates… when I find the time.

Posted at 9:16 PM

You know you’ve really made it when…

your site is so well known that you can dispense with any sort of identifying logo or name near the top of the page. Of course, Jeffrey Zeldman “made it” a long time ago, but it’s only in his latest girly-girl makeover that he has done away with “the redundant logo/home button”. Of course, some people don’t like it. I think it’s purty.

Posted at 9:15 PM