Hire me

I can’t express this any more succinctly than Michael Barrish:

I know what I’m doing. I am not a jerk. I will listen to you and probably talk you out of three bad ideas. I will make jokes. When the bill comes, you will feel like you got a great deal.

All right, so maybe you expect a bit more. Here goes:

I know what I’m doing. Really.

I started using the internet before the World Wide Web was invented, and I’ve been creating web sites since 1995.

I have expert knowledge of HTML, CSS and other web standards, and I apply it skillfully to craft appealing, clean, content-focused web sites.

I use CGI programming, SSI, JavaScript and other techniques when appropriate to build function, interaction and user enhancements into my clients’ sites.

Like I said, I am not a jerk.

I’ll attend to details you haven’t even thought of. I’ll do at no extra cost what others don’t do at all — like making sure your web site is accessible to people with disabilities, and that it can be read in any browser.

I will listen to you. Honest.

Because I need to listen to you — and carefully, too — to find out what you want your site to do, what kind of audience you are trying to reach, and what sort of “look and feel” the site should have.

And if you do have any really bad ideas, I’ll show you why they aren’t the best for your site.

About the jokes…

My jokes might not be the funniest you’ve heard, but you’re not paying me to be a comedian. I don’t joke about the content or quality of your web site — I’m deadly serious about those.

And finally, the bill.

I run a small business with low costs, and tight control on expenses and overheads. At the same time, I am a professional webmonkey, trying to earn an honest crust. So no, I won’t build you a site as cheaply as your next-door-neighbour’s fourteen-year-old kid, who got himself a free copy of FrontPage with his new computer. But neither will I charge you as much as a big agency, that has to cover the cost of non-productive management and administrative staff. I intend to make you feel like you got a great deal.

And best of all, your site won’t look like it was built by your next-door-neighbour’s fourteen-year-old kid.

This page was last modified on Thursday, February 26, 2009